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Your position: Home / Isolation protection / Diapers

Baby diapers for Infant

For the protection for keeping the skin clean & healthy, Diapers have a powerful absorbent layer that can instantly draw moisture and wetness away and bring about premium tenderness, comfy softness & super breathability.
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Our baby diapers are super-absorbent and hypo-allergenic. Made with super absorbent polymer, the absorbent layer is so powerful that it can instantly absorb all the urine, keeping the skin dry, to prevent the ammonia burn. What’s more, the absorbent layer can be for up to 12 hours of dryness. 


Baby Diapers are designed for baby’s sensitive, gentle & delicate skin. They are soft and tender, with cotton liner from the organic cotton. Babies will be very happy when they are wearing our diapers. Our package is also baby-oriented: the colors are bright and comfortable and the fonts are cute. All of this is for our babies. Cute and loving.



 For the protection for keeping the skin clean & healthy, our Baby Diapers have a powerful absorbent layer that can instantly draw moisture and wetness away and bring about premium tenderness, comfy softness & super breath-ability. Containing super absorbent polymer, the anti-leakage, also known as Leak-Lock System helps to reduce leaks for up to 12 hours, providing unparalleled and unbeatable protection that can prevent rashes and allergies, keeping baby's skin comfy & healthy, it is also designed for preventing the diaper blowouts and containing the mess. They're also fragrance free, with NO chemical odor. Our Baby Diapers are available in size Newborn ( up to 5 kg ), size Infant ( 4-8 kg ), size Crawler ( 6-11 kg ), size Toddler ( 10-15 kg ) and also they are unisex.


Our diapers also contain goat milk extract. Goat milk has the reputation of natural skin care product. The pH of goat milk is the same as that of the human skin. That is to say, our baby diapers won’t disturb the acid mantle, or the baby’s skin’s natural micro-biome balance. Considering our baby’s skin is more sensitive and delicate than that of adult’s skin, goat milk will suit baby’s skin fine. The skin’s initial response to a foreign substance is to  inflammation or allergenic reaction but goat milk can be recognized by the skin and the skin drinks it in, like human milk.


Also the goat milk extract is an active role of delivering nutrient compounds. Goat milk is full of active compounds. Lactic acid, as the major moisture. Lactic acid has been shown to help to tighten the junctions between the skin cells, that keeps the good qualities of baby’s skin -- It's moisturizing. Also, lactic acid in goat milk is a natural humectant. It grasps moisture from the air and keeps it in the skin. Aside from lactic acid, goat milk also has vitamin E to help gently exfoliate according to dermatologists.



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